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For those looking for directions to the Rainbow Gathering Europe 2011 will share the information and map.

How to get there Rainbow Gathering Europe 2011

  • If you are coming from the east (Bragança) or from the north (Chaves), once you are in Chaves you have to go direction Braga along N103 road as far as Sapiãos, and from there direction Boticas along N311 to Salto. Once in Salto follow the directions to Serra da Maca and then you'll find the signs...
  • If your are coming from the south get to Braga, from there direction Chaves along N103 road, to N311 direction Salto. One in Salto follow indications above.
People in Salto are enthusiastic with the gathering, so probably if you arrive in Salto and talk to anybody in the village they will tell u where to go. (Zoom Map Click Image)

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Images of the place where it is making the Rainbow Gathering Europe, Salta, Portugal 2011

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