Rainbow Gathering Europe 2011

The Rainbow Gathering Europe 2011 will be held in Iberian Peninsula, between the new moons of July 30th and August 29th. The Rainbow Gathering Europe 2011 will be located in Salto, north Portugal, near Galicia.

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Rainbow Gathering Europe 2011 (Spain-Portugal)

*The official start of the 2011 European Rainbow Gathering in Iberia 2011 will be at new moon, 30 July 2011 - seed camp about 2 weeks before that day *Full moon will be in the evening of 13 August *The official end will be new moon 29 August 2011 *The cleaning-up during one or two weeks after that day.

The seed camp is already running, although it officially begins in July 15th, so if you wanna go now, your energy will be welcomed.

How to get there European Rainbow Gathering in Iberia 2011

  • If you are coming from the east (Bragança) or from the north (Chaves), once you are in Chaves you have to go direction Braga along N103 road as far as Sapiãos, and from there direction Boticas along N311 to Salto. Once in Salto follow the directions to Serra da Maca and then you'll find the signs...
People in Salto are enthusiastic with the gathering, so probably if you arrive in Salto and talk to anybody in the village they will tell u where to go. (See Map How to get Raibow Gathering Europe 2011)

Information Rainbow Gathering in Iberia 2011:

  • In Web: European Rainbow Gathering in Iberia 2011
  • Facebooks page European Rainbow Gathering
  • We recommended to visit Yahoo Group: familiarainbowiberica-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Invitation European Rainbow Gathering in Iberia 2011

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Dear Rainbow family, brothers and sisters in light and love,
As many of you will already know, in the last European Rainbow Gathering in Finland in 2010, consensus was made for the next European Rainbow Gathering to be held in 2011 in the Iberian Peninsula. We will gather with the joyful intention of joining together the Rainbow Family, calling for world peace, helping each other to reconnect with and heal our own bodies, souls, hearts and minds, our communities, and our mother Earth. We gather to share all our love and light in celebration and harmony, with deep respect for all the beings, animals and plants. We call on our ancestors of the Rainbow Tribe to meet us once more and share their wisdom. We also call on all communities to share their experiences, visions and consciousness, so urgently needed in these times.

With this joyful invitation from our hearts, we wait for you with light and love.

We would like to remind you to bring your personal things that you need for the gathering (water bottle, sleeping bag and insulation mat, warm/rainproof clothes, tent/tarp, spoon, knife, plate/bowl, cup, musical instruments, good vibrations :-)). We respectfully ask that you leave behind electronic devices, drugs, alcohol, chemicals, meat, junk food, and anything that could negatively influence the healthy development of the gathering and our reconnection to ourselves and to mother earth.

Communal Material European Rainbow Gathering in Iberia 2011

We are gonna need plenty of communal materials. You could help by bringing:

If you are going to bring communal materials, please tell us in advance if possible.

We trust that everything will be manifested and that the Great Spirit will bring us all together wherever we are meant to meet. We wait for you with open hearts, with hope, joy, love, peace, harmony and healing.

With love, light and healing to all our brothers and sisters. May we all be happy, free and at peace. Aho

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